John & Doreen Pike – Last Will & Testament 

Following our recent meetings in your office I am more than happy to say how pleased my wife and I were by the way the business was handled. It was very professional on your part and every question we asked was answered in an easy to understand manner. For any new clients, I would recommend they use your good services. Regards John & Doreen. 

Steve K – Property Protection Trusts 

Perfect Wills resolved my estate planning problems really quickly I have to ask myself why it has taken me almost 12 months to resolve my issues when Steve Owen gave me what I believe to be sound advice in an instant. Everything was done quickly and efficiently. 

The Peters Family – Last Will & Testament 

I am happy to award Perfect Wills 5 stars . 
When our elderly mother rewrote her will, she was guided by Steve and his team at Perfect Wills. Their knowledgeable, professional approach was sensitive to her thoughts and needs.  
They were fully committed to ensuring her will was understood and totally reflected her wishes. We have no hesitation in highly recommending Perfect Wills to help you or your relative write their will. 

Mr. Bristol – Funeral Pre-Payment Plan 

Mr. Bristol’s wife had dementia and he was looking after her whilst being very poorly himself. Mr. Bristol took out two funeral plans, one for himself and one for his wife. Unfortunately, Mr. Bristol passed away six months later and his wife was placed into a care home. The council would have taken the whole house to pay for his wife’s care home fees but because of the trust put into place by Mr. Bristol before he died, it saved his half of the house being taken and was instead passed onto his two daughters. 
Both of Mr. Bristol’s daughters were on benefits at the time they received their inheritance, but because the inheritance was left in a trust they did not lose them and still inherited his half of the house, which was £60k between them. 
His daughters also had his funeral paid for along with all his last wishes for them to follow which helped to make it easier for them in such a difficult time. 
“Thanks Steve for saving our inheritance off Dad, though we were too late to protect Mom’s. Making his funeral arrangement was so much easier for us…. What he paid was much less than any quote we’d had.” 

Mr & Mrs Patt – Last Will & Testament 

Due to the confidential nature of the business I can and will only comment upon my dealings with Steve Owen and his handling of our affairs. 
A few months ago my wife and I decided to update our Wills and selected Perfect Wills & Estate Planners to do the job. At this point it is important to note that you must give as much information as possible to Steve as this forms the very basis of your plan. We did and the result was a Will which met all our requirements and including establishing our children as having Lasting Powers Of Attorney. Throughout this entire process Mr. Owen acted in an entirely professional manner but did so with patience and took us step by step through each stage. In short I would strongly suggest to anyone who is seeking advice about taking out their Will to have a closer look at Perfect Wills & Estate Planners. 
Yours Sincerely, 
B. Patt 

Mrs Adams – Probate & Contentious Probate Matters 

Mrs Adams had co-habited with her partner for over 20 years; she had also put money into the house for home improvements in the past. He died suddenly without a will or children and when Mrs Adams attended his funeral, his sisters told her that by law they would inherit the house. Mrs Adams was extremely worried and following advice from two separate solicitors firms, she had given up hope of retaining her home. She then approached Perfect Wills & Estate Planners, who advised that under the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Independence) Act 1975 she could make a claim and probably retain her home in which she had resided for many years. Perfect Wills through our Associates secured the house in her name and negotiated a very fair and affordable settlement for the two sisters. 

Mrs James – Property Protection Trusts 

“Mrs James said she had heard that if she required care in the future, her home could be sold to fund it. Knowing that she and her late husband had worked hard all their lives to own their own home, Mrs James felt very strongly that it should pass to her children and should not be sold to fund her care. 
Mrs James set up a Lifetime Property Protection Trust to ring-fence her most valuable possession in trust for her children. The trust arrangement allowed Mrs James to continue living in the property, and even provided the flexibility for her to sell and purchase a different property. 
There were many benefits to the Lifetime Property Protection Trust, including shielding the property from the threat of being sold to fund long term care in the future. Mrs James latterly entered long term care some years later. Since the house was put into the trust at the correct time the house was exempt from care costs and probate. 
If assets are put into a Trust at the correct time, i.e. while the client is fit and healthy and before any foreseeable need for Long Term Care then they can be protected.” 

Mr. and Mrs. Brown – Family Asset Protection Trust 

Mr. and Mrs. Brown were on their second marriage and had a £450k house. Mr. Brown had put in £300k and Mrs. Brown had put in £150k and they were joint owners. He had two children from his first marriage and she had a daughter. By putting their respective shares of the house into trusts for their children, it ensured both could live there till they died, both families were protected and the house avoided probate, saving thousands. 
“Steve, thanks for sorting out Mum and Dad’s situation. We’re all assured of our inheritance now, no arguments and no fuss.” 
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