The ‘Vulnerable Persons Trust’ is designed to protect the disabled, and those persons with special needs
The Trust can help ensure quality of life & assist in protecting ‘entitled benefits’

The main purpose in forming this type of Trust, is to protect the interests of loved ones who are no longer capable of looking after their financial affairs. The Trust can help ensure their quality of life, whilst at the same time assist in protecting ‘entitled benefits’.

The ‘Vulnerable Persons Trust’ is designed to protect the disabled, and those persons with special needs.  This Trust is similar to a ‘Discretionary Trust’, in that the trustees have extensive powers over how the assets are managed within the Trust, and how they are utilised. There is a disparity between these two types of trusts, in which the ‘Vulnerable Persons Trust’ has favourable tax treatment for inheritance tax, capital gains tax, and income tax purposes, than that of a Discretionary Trust, (provided certain conditions are met).

We can advise you as to whether this Trust is suitable for your individual circumstances, and explain fully to consider all options available.

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Mrs Adams had co-habited with her partner for over 20 years; she had also put money into the house for home improvements in the past. He died suddenly without a will or children and when Mrs Adams attended his funeral, his sisters told her that by law they would inherit the house. Mrs Adams was extremely worried and following advice from two separate solicitors firms, she had given up hope of retaining her home. She then approached Perfect Wills & Estate Planners, who advised that under the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Independence) Act 1975 she could make a claim and probably retain her home in which she had resided for many years. Perfect Wills through our Associates secured the house in her name and negotiated a very fair and affordable settlement for the two sisters.

Mrs Adams – Probate & Contentious Probate Matters

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