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Property Protection Trusts 

Property Protection Trusts have many underestimated benefits and are considered more robust than an ordinary Will. 
By assigning half of your house into a Property Protection Trust, on your death you can ensure, that your half is passed to the people you have chosen. 
For example, half of your house could be held in trust for your surviving spouse/partner, to be used for the rest of their lifetime, however, they never actually own your half; they have a life interest in it. 
If you have children from a previous relationship/marriage then the trust is used to ensure their inheritance is protected. 
The changing relationships of modern life may put your children’s inheritance at risk, and quite often this is simply an oversight. However, within your existing will, Perfect Wills can write a clause to prevent these issues from arising. This is just one example of many modern-day scenarios, where Perfect Wills & Estate Planners can help. Do you have other concerns or another scenario and simply don’t know where to start? Contact Perfect Wills today and we can help find a solution to your Estate Planning needs. 

A Testimonial from one of our clients  

Steve K – Property Protection Trusts 
Perfect Wills resolved my estate planning problems really quickly I have to ask myself why it has taken me almost 12 months to resolve my issues when Steve Owen gave me what I believe to be sound advice in an instant. Everything was done quickly and efficiently. 
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