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Probate & Contentious Probate

The granting of Probate is the first step of administering an estate when no Trusts have been setup in advance. This legal process confirms the validity of a Will at the time of death, and begins the distribution process of assets, to beneficiaries of a Will. Perfect Wills & Estate Planners understands, that for a lot of people they may only have to deal with this once or twice in a lifetime. We will guide you through the process without using legal jargon. When a loved one passes sometimes other issues can arise, such as the lack of a Will or a third party who wishes to contest a Will, therefore, becoming a Contentious Probate Matter. Contested wills are becoming more frequent in an ever changing society and have increased at an alarming rate in recent times. Whatever the circumstances the Perfect Wills team will find and organise the solution.