Funeral Pre Payment Plan 

Funeral costs have risen vastly over the past decade when compared against weekly wages and costs such as housing, petrol and some standard utility bills. In fact the average cost of a funeral has increased by 62% over the last ten years. 
A Funeral Pre-Payment Plan allows you to cover the cost of your funeral now, securing a rate on today’s price. Perhaps perceived as a morbid topic, but there is nothing wrong with thinking about this sooner rather than later. In fact, it is then one less thing for your family to consider at an already difficult time. It will give you peace of mind in knowing they will be spared the financial burden, if not the emotional. 
It is important to let people know your wishes and to be organised in advance, saving your loved ones time, money and unnecessary worry. 
Unique Funeral Plans offer value, deeming themselves as 18% cheaper than other funeral plan providers, without compromising on quality. Offering a 15 year plan refund and funeral pledge, with 100% protection against the rising cost of funerals. With the option to spread the cost, and a NHS donation with every plan taken out, we have no hesitation in recommending them. 

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Mr. Bristol – Funeral Pre-Payment Plan 
Mr. Bristol’s wife had dementia and he was looking after her whilst being very poorly himself. Mr. Bristol took out two funeral plans, one for himself and one for his wife. Unfortunately, Mr. Bristol passed away six months later and his wife was placed into a care home. The council would have taken the whole house to pay for his wife’s care home fees but because of the trust put into place by Mr. Bristol before he died, it saved his half of the house being taken and was instead passed onto his two daughters. 
Both of Mr. Bristol’s daughters were on benefits at the time they received their inheritance, but because the inheritance was left in a trust they did not lose them and still inherited his half of the house, which was £60k between them. 
His daughters also had his funeral paid for along with all his last wishes for them to follow which helped to make it easier for them in such a difficult time. 
“Thanks Steve for saving our inheritance off Dad, though we were too late to protect Mom’s. Making his funeral arrangement was so much easier for us…. What he paid was much less than any quote we’d had.” 


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