When we begin to start thinking about making provisions in our estate for when we are no longer here, often we consider who should be made an executor / trustee and whether there is any money or specific gifts to be made to family, friends, minors / dependants and the appointment of guardians. 
Pets can often be overlooked. However you will be pleased to know that for those families with fur babies or any other animals for that matter, you can make provisions for them in your Will. 
You could: 
✔ Consider appointing a beneficiary to look after your pets 
✔ Make a financial provision to care for your animals, such as for feeding, vet bills, pet insurance.... 
✔ Create an animal purpose trust, this is a specific 'Purpose Trust' designed for the upkeep of specific animals 
✔ Consider leaving your pet in the care of the RSPCA Charity, through the 'Home For Life' scheme 
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