Is Your Written Will Up To Scratch? 

✔ Is it clear & concise with any changes authorised? 
✔ Is it signed & witnessed correctly? 
✔ Is it valid and meets the Testamentary & competency Capacity requirements? (By definition this is the legal status of being capable of executing a Will and refers to a person's 'full sense' and mental sanity to have confirmed and signed the Will and understands the facts and the nature of making a Will, its effects, the extent / value of property & assets being disposed of / divided out) 
✔ There is no undue influence and that the Will reflects your wishes and there is no coercion (pressure or persuasion from a family member / friend to become a beneficiary for example) 
If your affairs are not in order, you could have grounds for having your Will Contested, where there is a legal valid reason to contest a Will. 
For a free thirty minute no obligation consultation to review your Will and individual circumstances, please complete the form below: 
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