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Last Will and Testament 

We all know death is life’s only real certainty and is totally unavoidable, yet surprisingly a large proportion of the UK still have no Will. Perfect Wills & Estate Planners can help you get organised and explain some of the reasons why everyone, should at the very least have a Will. Look after your loved ones today, tomorrow and always…. 

Power of Attorney - Health & Welfare 

Many of us are fiercely independent, however, in reality, with an aging population lots of us will not always have this privilege. If you lost your capacity, do you want strangers making important decisions for you? 

Power of Attorney - Property and Affairs 

Perfect Wills & Estate Planners advise a Power of Attorney can be important at any age, as you never know what is lurking around the corner. If you were physically or mentally unable to deal with your finances, who would be there to pick up the pieces and manage your affairs? 

Family Asset Protection Trust 

A Family Asset Protection Trust does exactly what it says, it protects your assets, for your bloodline and family. This is the sort of forward planning you would associate with wealthy land owners, to avoid 3rd party claims in days gone by. Perfect Wills & Estate Planners can explain how this now applies to the working man… 

Lifetime Interest Trusts 

Do you have someone who depends on you for the roof above their head, but you also have loved ones you feel should inherit your property once you’ve gone. A Lifetime Interest Trust could be the perfect solution and cover both obligations perfectly, without fuss… 

Funeral Pre-Payment Plan 

Arranging a funeral plan is the final act of kindness you can show your loved ones. The cost of funerals are always rising and pre-arranging your own, is the best way to guarantee your family do not need to worry… 

Property Protection Trusts 

For most people their home is their biggest and sometimes their only asset, therefore their main worry. Do you have questions which sometimes feel awkward to ask? e.g. If my partner re-marries after my death, could my children lose their inheritance? Perfect Wills & Estate Planners Ltd. can help explain solutions to sometimes sensitive questions… 

Probate & Contentious Probate 

Loosing a loved one is difficult enough, without the worry of what to do about their estate. If you do not know where to start or simply feel worn out before you even consider Probate, Perfect Wills & Estate Planners can advise you further…. 

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With over 20 years’ experience and a grand total of over 10,000 wills written within this time, we offer both will writing and full estate planning services. Unlike solicitors who may only write several wills over the course of a year, we pride ourselves as specialists in this area with a focus on you and your needs. We will ensure you are prepared for any eventuality providing peace of mind for both you and your family. 
We offer a full range of protection products, supported by leading trust-lawyers. 
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